Experiments in Embodiment

These experiments, in collaboration with Alan Hook, represent my first forays into creating art events within Second Life and led to the Connecting Points installation at the Tech Museum in San Jose.

I'VE LOST MY VOICE - a game of cat and mouse with a difference. The players swop voice channels so they are speaking out of each others avatars at two ends of a populated no fly zone. One (the cat) seeks to become reunited with his voice by convincing the public to help him by describing where they are. The other (the mouse) seeks to evade his pursuer. Watch video

LOSING CONTROL - a performance game where one 'player' takes control of the other 'player's' avatar. Both players can communicate using text chat. The player being held hostage can only be freed and win the game if he can convince five members of the public to give him a Linden dollar but which voice will the public believe? Watch video

CROSSED LINES - Two players are in remote locations, each holding a conversation with a third party. However, thanks to Alan's devices, what is said to one player comes out of the mouth of the second player and vice verca, allowing the players to act as a conduit for a long distance conversation. This piece draws Influences from Kit Galloway & Sherrie Rabinowitz – Hole in Space. But be wary of crossed lines! Watch video